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Tantric Massage

For George & Veronica B

George knocked, a little nervously, on the wooden door of the hotel suite.

Akasha smiled as she opened the door. “Please, come in!” George stood a moment on the threshold, peering into the room beyond, before stepping inside. Candlelight flickered over the walls and ceiling, and the air smelled pleasantly of incense. A massage table was set up in the middle of the room.

Akasha welcomed him with an embrace and kiss on each cheek. As she lead George further into the room, closing the door behind them, he noticed she had arranged several small statues of elephants on the corner tables.

“Make yourself comfortable,” Akasha said, gesturing towards two chairs seated opposite one another behind the table. He sat himself across from Akasha as she looked at him expectantly. George felt excited, yet at ease, with this warm, welcoming woman.

Akasha was beautiful, her blonde hair cascading over her shoulder in a loose ponytail. Her white kaftan flowed over her lithe frame as she crossed her legs and relaxed. She asked George questions; what was he hoping for, and why was he here? George answered honestly, feeling his tension and reservations drain away the more he talked about himself, his family, his worries. At first, George felt a little self-conscious, but Akasha listened with a warm, compassionate smile, and he felt his tensions easing.

“So, what happens now?” George asked as he finished.

“Now, we begin!” Akasha stood and invited George to undress. He removed his clothes, and Akasha moved close, brushing her lips against his own in a sweet, brief kiss. She broke the kiss, but remained close. George could feel the whisper of her cotton clothing on his naked body.

“I want you to take a deep breath. Draw it in, that’s right. Extend your belly, bring it all the way down to your center. Good! Now, slowly exhale,” Akasha purred against his lips. As George allowed his breath to escape him, Akasha inhaled through her mouth, drawing George’s breath into her own body. Her proximity consumed his whole attention, yet she barely touched him. As she exhaled, George inhaled, and they continued until George felt all the lingering doubts in his mind fade, as though he were dreaming.

His mind was soft, and his body pliant, as she bade him settle face-down on the table. He raised his head to watch Akasha as she moved about the room, collecting a small bottle of oil while discarding her own clothing. George admired her body, which was adorned with exquisite, intricate tattoos. George followed the design with his eyes as it curled about her, embracing her skin and patterning her left breast.

Both her nipples were pierced with shining metal bars. George was mesmerised by the light glinting from the jewellery as Akasha approached once more. She rubbed oil between her hands to warm the thick liquid and applied it gently to his lower back. She smoothed her palms up his spine and over his shoulders, moving her hands rhythmically over his body.

Akasha explained to George the key chakral areas as she worked. She gently ran her fingers over the top of his head. This, she told him, was the Crown chakra, the gateway for spiritual connection. She moved her hand through his hair to the back of his head, tracing her fingers in rhythmic patterns that made his body tingle. The Third Eye, she whispered, was responsible for intuition and wisdom. She ran her hands down to squeeze the base of his neck. The Throat chakra, she explained, was the center of self-expression and truth.

George moaned as she squeezed the tense muscles of his shoulders. Between his shoulder blades lay the Heart chakra, for love, compassion, and peace. Akasha’s steady touch filled George with quiet calm. He began to feel more and more relaxed, as though each quality she described expanded within him, making him feel large, whole, and connected to everything around him.

Moving down the center of his spine, she explained the Solar Plexus chakra, the centre of power and self-confidence. Near the base of his spine lay the Sacral chakra, for sexual energy and pleasure. She worked her hands over this area for a long while, before moving her hands down over his buttocks. The Root chakra, she explained as she gently gripped and kneaded his flesh, for survival and balance.

George moaned, sinking into the table as Akasha worked. Her hands probed between his thighs, brushing his testicles and the sensitive tip of his erection. Reaching deep between his legs, she massaged his penis before her hands moved over the backs of his knees, and then his calves, coaxing the hard muscles to soften.

He could feel Akasha’s breasts as she pressed them to his feet. Her warm breath tickled his arches as she raised each foot in turn to suck his toes. While unexpected, the warm, wet sensation of her mouth sent shivers through George’s body. His erection hardened, and he ached to feel her lips and soft tongue explore the length of his shaft. George nearly climaxed as he imagined Akasha sucking so gently, so persistently, on the tip of his penis.

Akasha finished his feet, rubbing her stiff nipples over his heels, up his legs, and over his lower back. The contrast of the cool, solid metal of her piercings felt delicious on his warm, soft skin.

Akasha raised one of George’s arms, resting his hand against her chest as she pressed her fingers into his tense muscles. She positioned his hand over her breast, enticing him to feel her. Slowly, George ran his thumb over her nipple, gently fondling her breast as she worked his forearm.

The pleasure in George’s groin continued to build as Akasha massaged his other arm.

Akasha whispered in George’s ear, instructing him to roll onto his back. Exposed to the cool air, his erection twitched, eager for more attention. As Akasha began to work, smoothing her hands over George’s face, neck and chest, she encouraged him to fondle her breasts. George reached up, exploring the body of this beautiful woman as she rubbed his own nipples, before moving her hands down his stomach to apply long, smooth strokes over his penis. The Lingam, she told him it was called.

She explained, as she gently squeezed his shaft and testicles, that this type of massage was once considered improper by Victorian Europeans. George laughed, arching his back in pleasure, for how could this experience be anything other than divine?

As Akasha continued to work, explaining the culture and history of Tantric massage in her melodic voice, George felt his climax build within each nerve throughout his body. His muscles felt hot and cool. His breathing fast, yet soft. The pleasure was overwhelming, filling George’s relaxed body like fire and light. As George climaxed into Akasha’s hand, he felt his mind both sinking and expanding, illuminating a vast internal universe.

George opened his eyes to look up at a smiling Akasha, her eyes sparkling in the dim light of the room. George smiled back, and reached out to trace his hand down her stomach, running a thumb between the moist lips of her vulva to press against her clitoris.

With Akasha’s help, George sat up, and she kissed him deeply as he worked his thumb in small circles. “May I offer you a massage?” George murmured, and Akasha nodded eagerly.

George stood, and Akasha lay in his place as he picked up the oil. Drizzling it over her, George massaged her whole body, especially enjoying the swell of her breasts in his hands, before running his palms over her torso, downwards to cup her shaved vagina. Her Yoni, Akasha called it.

George explored between her lips, gently pressing his fingers inside her as she moaned and clenched her fists around the edges of the table. She reached out to stroke his penis, slowly massaging him up and down in time with George’s rhythm. George moaned, enjoying the sensation. He rubbed her clitoris and slid his palm over her bare mound, loving the feel of her smooth skin beneath his oiled hand. He moved faster as she moaned more loudly, gripping his penis tightly as she bucked her hips. She climaxed tightly around his fingers, and he worked them in deeper, drawing out her orgasm.

Still breathing heavily, she opened her eyes and looked up at George. “That was a welcome surprise,” she laughed, giving his penis a playful squeeze before letting go. George helped her to her feet, and she wrapped her arms around him. Their warm bodies pressed against each other, her oiled breasts firm against his chest. His newly erect penis slid smoothly between her legs, and over the lips of her vagina as she held him close. George relaxed into the hug, feeling as though all his worries and tensions had been erased.

At long last, the appointment concluded, and it was time for George to make his way home, all the while dreaming of the next massage.



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