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Elegant erotica

The Attendant

Part Two

July 1 2017

The attendant next selected a long latex stocking and dragged over a small footstool from the corner of the room. He bade Jemma prop her foot on the stool as he carefully bunched the material. The attendant crouched to the floor, firmly sliding the stocking over Jemma’s toes.

Carefully, inch by inch, the attendant rolled the latex like a second skin over Jemma’s ankle, then her calf, stretching the stocking over her knee, and up her thigh.

Jemma felt as though his warm hands were molding her skin to fit the stocking, rather than the other way around. His hands reached her upper thigh, and the stocking was complete. Jemma could feel the attendant’s breath on her hip. The attendant took care fixing the stocking to the corset’s garter straps. With his face so close to her crotch, Jemma knew her arousal would be obvious to him by now.

The attendant proceeded repeat the process with the second stocking. By the time the attendant reached her upper thigh, clear fluid had begun to run down the side of Jemma’s leg. The exposed lips of her labia were plump with desire. The attendant took withdrew a folded square of silk from his coat pocket. He ran it up Jemma’s inner thigh, wiping away the excess of lubricant. While she felt self-conscious, she thrilled in the sensation as he wiped the cloth gently between her legs.

Wordlessly, the attendant discarded the cloth and picked up the leather cuffs. Still crouching, he snapped them about each of Jemma’s wrists with a gentle squeeze. Purely for aesthetic, the chain joining the cuffs was long enough that it didn’t hinder her movement. There was a clip in the centre of the chain’s length, which the attendant fastened to a loop on the sternum of Jemma’s bodice.

The attendant stood and brushed Jemma’s hair back over her shoulders. Her breasts spilled over the corset, swelling as she drew each breath into her upper body. The attendant stood, pressing himself against her as he smoothed her hair back and gathered it over one shoulder. He wove a loose, thick plait and tied it off with a ribbon. The tassel rested above her left nipple. The attendant pulled at the coiled ropes of her hair to give the plait volume, brushing his thumb over her nipple as he finished.

The attendant smiled up at her and Jemma melted. “I think you’re ready.”

Stay tuned for Part Three!


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