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Erotica to feel good about

daphne nevada profile

Welcome, gorgeous reader! I’m Daphne Nevada, erotic-romance author dedicated to exquisite literature and feminist ideals.

If you’re anything like me, you find yourself seeking quiet moments of tantalising immersion. You want stories that satisfy in more than one way; you want words that kiss your mind, and worlds to ache for.

More than anything, you want to feel the deepest corners of yourself touched by something beautiful.

I’m glad you came! Together let’s explore love, sexuality and connection. Pour yourself an Old Fashioned, pull up a plush lounge and settle in for a good read!

Supporting Women!

With a portion of profits donated to causes that support women, this is truly erotica to feel good about!

Profits will be donated to UN Women to aid in their continued humanitarian work helping women attain education, health and medical welfare, representation in leadership, and freedom from violence.

Now my dears, pour yourself an Old Fashioned, pull up a plush lounge, and settle in with something a little stimulating!

xx Daphne Nevada

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