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Bride & Groom

For George & Veronica B

The morning was clear and bright when George woke. His wife, Veronica, lay sleeping next to him wrapped in white sheets. It had been 34 years. Yet, as he watched her eyelids flutter with dreams, he was reminded in that moment of the night she had become his bride.

Gossamer curtains fluttered by the open windows, diffusing the warm sunlight until it dappled throughout the room, bringing to life the subtle patterns of the wallpaper.

George rose and, stretching, crossed the room to the glass door leading to the patio, looking out across the bright field of green grass that lay beyond. The small cabin was quite private, the yard outside hidden from prying eyes by tall trees swaying in the breeze of early morning. George slid the door open quietly, so as not to wake his sleeping wife. With an affectionate gaze, George watched her for several moments, admiring her naked form as it was alternately covered and exposed by the twisting sheets. One breast was bare and rising gently with each breath, the nipple peaking in the cool air flowing into the cabin. George felt his penis grow with arousal.

Smiling, and leaving Veronica to sleep, he stepped outside. The air felt delicious against his skin. There was something primally satisfying about standing naked outdoors; erotically forbidden, yet so deeply natural. George wandered out onto the grass, closed his eyes and turned his face skyward. The sun rose higher, kissing every inch of his skin until his erection was full and eager for more intimate attention.

After a short while, he heard footsteps within the cabin. He looked over his shoulder and watched as Veronica approached the doorway, veiled by the light curtain. A breeze caught the thin material and molded it against her body. It was sheer enough to reveal all the alluring details of her body; the peaks of her nipples, the cleft of her vagina, the curve of her smiling lips. George ached to pull the veil aside, to reveal her fully. A moment later, the breeze changed course and the curtain obligingly fluttered aside. Veronica stepped through the doorway to join George, naked in the sun.

She wrapped her hands around him from behind, nuzzling her face against his neck. Her naked body was pressed against his and George turned in her arms.

“Good morning, love,” George said with a kiss.

“Good morning yourself, handsome,” Veronica murmured sleepily, pressing herself against George’s erect penis. Her smile was sweet and full of promises. George ran his hands over her familiar body; down her neck, over her breasts, down the space between them to tickle between her legs. Veronica moaned, and then shivered. “It’s a little cold out, shall we go inside and try some of that spiced oil?”

Taking George’s hands, Veronica led her husband back inside and bade him lie face down on the king bed. Veronica rummaged through the small welcome pack of treats they had found on the immaculately made bed the previous night. They really should take trips away like this more often, the pure delight of simple luxuries and new places was intoxicating.

Veronica found what she was looking for in a small glass vial full of a golden oil that promised warmth. She unstoppered it, poured some of the thick liquid into the palm of her hand, and carefully set the vial by the bed within easy reach.

Rubbing her hands together to spread the oil, she could smell notes of orange and clove. The tingling warmth of the oil coated her hands like fitted gloves. George lifted his head from the pillow, sniffing the air and humming with anticipated.

Veronica smiled and climbed atop the bed, straddling George as she began to massage his back. George moaned into the pillow, evidently enjoying the slow, upward strokes along his spine, over his shoulders and down his arms. Veronica worked her way back down, towards his lower back. She moved herself backwards, coaxing George to spread her legs so she could kneel between them to massage his buttocks, then further down his legs. First one, and then the other. Veronica could see the tip of George’s penis between his legs, his testicles heavy with arousal.

Veronica massaged her way back up George’s left calf, then his hamstring, continuing up the inside of his thigh. She gently massaged the soft flesh of his testicles. As she touched him, George moaned louder, and Veronica could feel the deep swelling of her own arousal between her legs as she stroked the tip of his penis.

George was writhing with pleasure, flexing his hips into the mattress with each loving squeeze of Veronica’s hand. When she thought George was close to orgasm, she bade him turn over. Eager to comply, George flipped himself to lay on his back, his erection thick and twitching with excitement.

Veronica straddled his hips, pressing her breasts against his chest as she kissed her husband deeply. She moved her hips against his, feeling his penis slide between the lips of her labia. George moaned into her kiss as Veronica ran her tongue over his upper lip. George bucked beneath her, his body begging for more. Veronica obliged, sliding herself down onto George’s penis, taking all of him inside her. She moved slowly, sliding herself all the way up his length until she could just feel his tip, and then slowly back down again. She controlled the pace, relishing the pleasure building within her.

With another few strokes, George cried out as he released inside her. Veronica continued rocking her hips until George was finished, his face flushed and smiling. Veronica lay down next to her husband, cuddling into him as he regained his breath.

“That was amazing!” George said. Veronica laughed. “You’re telling me!”

George kissed her and grinned in that way that told her she was in for a particularly special treat. She knew that look well. George stroked her body, motioning her with gentle nudges to lay on her stomach. Veronica settled herself comfortably on a small pile of pillows and relaxed, feeling the gentle throb of her own unreleased pleasure as she relaxed, her legs gently parting.

George picked up the oil and coated his hands just as Veronica had done. However, instead of starting with long strokes up her back as she had expected, George started with the smallest, most sensitive parts of her body.

He gently massaged her earlobes, one in each hand, while planting kisses on the nape of her neck. Veronica felt the fine hairs of her body electrify as George massaged the sides of her neck, lightly skimming over her shoulders and down her arms to massage the soft crook of each elbow. George massaged the underside of her wrists, giving each a kiss before using both of his hands to massage her left hand, and then her right.

Feeling aroused, yet deeply relaxed, Veronica groaned into the pillow and parted her legs a little further. Yet George wasn’t finished teasing her. He massaged over her buttocks and stroked his hands downwards to the backs of her knees. His gentle touches tickled delightfully, and Veronica found herself squirming under his hands, giggling. George chuckled too, before moving his hands back up her legs, massaging his thumbs against her inner thighs. She spread her legs completely, giving George full view of her beautiful pink labia, enticing him to touch her.

Yet George moved slowly, barely brushing the outer edges of her full lips with each stroke of his thumbs. Gradually, little by little, he touched more of her until he was massaging her whole sex with his hands. George pushed a finger inside her, massaging her vagina. As Veronica moaned with delight, George used a second finger, and then a third, rhythmically pumping his hand into her, feeling all the soft crevices until she felt near to bursting with desire.

“You are so gorgeous, my darling,” George whispered in that tone that made her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. “I want to look at all of you.”

Veronica turned over to lay on her back, her full breasts on display as George resumed his internal massage. He applied gentle pressure to her cliteris with his thumb as leaned down to gently suck each of her nipples. Veronica moaned and pushed back against George’s hand, welcoming him in deeper. George kissed his way down her body until he reached her soft mound. He licked his tongue against her clitoris, sucking as he increased the pace of his hand.

Veronica gripped the sheets as George kept her on the edge of orgasm, a skill developed over the years of their marriage, learning each subtle cue of Veronica’s body until he knew it as well as his own.

With a final flick of his tongue and squeeze of his fingers, Veronica’s climax rolled through her body like thunder. She cried out, wild and inarticulate in a moment of shared beauty. George watched her face as it danced through the expressions of orgasmic release, a sight George never tired of.

Eventually the waves of pleasure faded, leaving Veronica relaxed and tingling. “Now that was amazing!” Veronica said. She began to laugh and George joined in, flopping down on the bed beside her.

They looked at each other with bright, playful eyes, both marvelling that after all this time, they were still finding new ways to see each other.



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