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Small Paradise

For George & Veronica B

“I can see the house!” Veronica exclaims. George smiles at her enthusiasm, turning the car into the familiar drive of their friends’ Bed & Breakfast.

It’s just the same as they remember; the sun shining down over a large outdoor pool with an adjoining hot tub, looking out over acres of natural terrain. It’s gorgeous.

Veronica begins to take off her clothes, her eyes fixed on the bright pool. George’s eyes follow his wife’s movements as she allows the last item to fall to her feet. She stands in the bright morning sunlight, naked and beautiful as a seraphim.

George watches, hypnotised by the sway of Veronica’s hips, as she wades into the water. She glances back over her shoulder and beckons for him to follow with a coquettish smile. George hurries to join her, discarding his own clothing, relishing the cool water as it rises over his feet and his calves, up to his thighs, before engulfing his penis and tesitcles.

George wades in further as Veronica splashes like a siren, breasts bouncing as she darts playfully backwards, calling for George to chase her. As George catches Veronica and kisses her neck, he presses himself close to her. He feels his erection growing as the tip of his penis brushes against Veronica’s labia beneath the water’s sparkling surface. Together, they swim in the warm air and cool water, surrounded on all sides by lush green ferns.

“It’s nearly time for our massage,” George says, taking Veronica by the hand and leading her towards the poolside lounge. They climb from the water and towel each other dry. George runs the towel over Veronica’s body, enjoying the feel of her curves through the rough material.

He moves the towel between her legs and dries between her lips, rubbing the soft patch of hair covering her mound. Veronica moans softly, closing her eyes in pleasure at the gentle massage. George pecks a kiss on her mouth and she giggles.

“We should go in now, Claudia will be waiting for us,” George says. Veronica smiles meaningfully. “You go ahead first, I’m just going to cool down out here a while.” Veronica reclines naked on a lounge chair, and George feels suddenly reluctant to leave her side, imagining himself making love to her right here, by the poolside.

Smiling at this fantasy, George wanders inside to meet Claudia. She leads him into the massage room with a view out to the pool. George is pleasantly surprised when Claudia chooses to remain naked as she bids him lay face-down on the table. George’s face fits snugly in the small, padded window of the massage table as he settles himself comfortably.

He can hear Claudia making her preparations, and George’s penis twitches in anticipation, still excited from his swim and thoughts of Veronica by the poolside. Claudia’s bare feet come into view. George relaxes as he feels warm oil being poured over his back and shoulders, spilling down his spine. Claudia moves to the front of the table, and George can glimpse the naked cleft of her labia as she moves her strong arms in smooth motions down his back. The unexpected sight is heavenly. George can feel a strong twinge between his legs as he grows more aroused at the sight of Claudia’s bare vagina so close to his face, even as the massage relaxes him. Claudia’s lips move in and out of view as she reaches further down George’s back, and then up to his shoulders once more. He can smell the sweet, musky scent of her sex mixing with the oil like a perfume.

George can feel the faint brush of her breasts on his back and head as she reaches down further, applying more pressure, before she moves out of view down the side of the table to work his legs and buttocks.

Before long, it’s time for George to turn over. As he adjusts himself on the table, George’s erection becomes apparent, but Claudia doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, she moves her hand up the inside of George’s thigh to grip his penis and, gently cupping his testicles in her palm. George moans in surprised pleasure as she begins to massage him. Her hand slides up and down his shaft, each time her hand twisting over the tip. George can feel the pleasure building, quick and intense. Claudia’s eyes are bright, and her breasts bounce erotically as she works. Each twist brings him closer to orgasm until George can’t hold back, ejaculating into Claudia’s hand with a low moan.

Veronica enters the room, stepping into view as Claudia smiles and cleans up, wiping George’s penis with a cloth.

“Did you enjoy your anniversary surprise?” Veronica grins wickedly.

“This was your idea?” George smiles. “It was wonderful!” He climbs off the table, making room for his wife.

As Veronica settles herself, George gets an idea for a surprise of his own. He whispers something in Claudia’s ear. She smiles and agrees, murmuring that she has everything she needs on hand. George grins to himself and leaves the room.

Claudia begins to massage Veronica, dribbling oil over her back, and spreading it up Veronica’s spine with her warm, strong hands. Veronica groans as Claudia applies perfect pressure, moving up her shoulders and down her arms, before making her way back down her sides and over her buttocks, down the back of her thighs and knees, all the way to her feet.

Veronica feels relaxed and a little aroused, enjoying the feel of Claudia’s hands over her naked body. The oil cools after a time; Veronica is glad when it’s time to turn onto her back and more warm oil is poured over her chest. Claudia works the oil down her neck, between her breasts and over her stomach.

Claudia massages each of Veronica’s breasts tenderly, the oil sliding over her smooth skin and hard nipples. As Claudia massages Veronica’s lower stomach, she brushes her hand lightly over the mound of her vagina, coating her hair in oil. Veronica can feel the oil slowly dripping between her legs, sliding sensually between her labia.

Claudia continues to massage downwards, working Veronica’s hips and thighs, stroking down over her shins and the tops of her feet. Veronica thought Claudia had finished, and was enjoying the tingling sensation of cooling oil on her body when Claudia said, “I have a surprise for you, too.”

Veronica opens her eyes to look at the older woman and smiles. “What has George asked you to do?” Claudia runs her hand through the soft curls of Veronica’s pubic hair. “He asked me to trim you, if you’d like.” Claudia holds up a pair of grooming scissors and snips them playfully.

Veronica laughs. “Why not then!”

Claudia gently rubs oil once more over Veronica’s mound and labia. Veronica feels a thrill of pleasure as Claudia’s fingers brush faintly over her clitoris. Claudia directs Veronica to bend her knees and spread her legs so she can get better access, then begins to trim her hair, smoothing her fingers over the newly bare skin to brush away stray locks.

Veronica feels very aroused by the time George comes back into the room. He can’t take his eyes off her freshly groomed vagina, and she loves the way his eyes caress her skin.

He takes out their camera and begins to photograph her. George loves the way the camera lens focuses his attention on all the most beautiful details of Veronica’s body. He takes several photos as she poses for him, laying on the table. She rolls onto her stomach and he catches a glimpse of her labia between her closed legs. The sight gives George a new erection.

As Veronica rolls over once again, he moves close and begins to massage her labia and clitoris. She’s ready for more, when Claudia interrupts to say lunch is ready. George and Veronica smile at each other before they make their way out to the dining area.

After a sumptuous meal of home-cooked Chinese food, George helps Claudia pack up for her drive home. George gives Claudia a big hug before she leaves, grateful for the extra effort she had offered them that day. Claudia smiles, refusing his offer of extra payment, instead handing him an extra bottle of massage oil as a gift before driving away.

George knows just what he wants to do with it.

A little later that afternoon, George finds Veronica and fits a blindfold snugly over her eyes. “No peeking, now,” he whispers, his warm breath tickling her earlobe. She can hear the smile in his voice.

She feels excited, and allows George to lead her by the hand through the gardens to a special unknown place. She can feel the ground beneath her feet, the breeze over her naked skin, and the warmth of George by her side. She can feel the sun’s heat on her face, until George leads her into the shade.

They stop, and he removes the blindfold. She can see that they are standing beneath a beautiful, tall maple tree with gently whispering leaves. At the base of the tree lies bedding and cushions that George has set up for them.

“Shall we finish where we left off?” he offers. Veronica nods eagerly and lays down on the cushioned ground, while George unstoppers the oil Claudia had given him. He massages between Veronica’s legs, and she can feel the pleasure mounting quickly after a morning of teasing arousal.

He rubs his fingers over her smooth labia and mound, tickling at the short line of short hair that remains. The sensation feels delightful on her newly bare skin. He massages her clitoris, sending waves of pleasure through her body, but she needs more.

“I want you inside me,” she moans. George eagerly complies, positioning his hard erection between her legs before pressing into her. Veronica sighs as she feels him fill her, stretching her and reaching her deep places. He thrusts into her as she wraps her arms and legs around him, drawing him in deeper still.

George breathes heavily, crying her name as he climaxes. They hold each other for a while, enjoying the sounds of birds, and the breeze tousling the leaves far above.

After a time George withdraws and lays face-down between her legs. He licks her clitoris, occasionally dipping his tongue down into her vagina. Veronica allows her head to fall back on the pillow, watching the bright, wide sky as George pleasures her with his tongue, bringing her closer to orgasm until the pleasure peaks and she cries out, rolling her hips forward as George continues to lick her.

The pleasure is so intense, too intense! “Stop, stop!” Veronica begs, laughing. After a final, long lick, George looks up at his wife in amusement, joining her in laughter. He moves to her side, and they lay together beneath the trees and open sky.

The afternoon is getting late as they make their way back inside, arms wrapped around one another as they cross the earth bare-footed.

Together, they wash each other clean under the spray of a large shower, gently caressing one another as the oil and fluids of their love making rinse away.

“I love you,” George whispers as his hands roam over Veronica’s body, wiping away the soap suds. “I love you, too.” Veronica reaches up to kiss George, both giggling as warm water runs down their noses and into their mouths. Towelling themselves dry, they chase each other back out to the pool for one last swim, splashing in the fading sun beneath a bright golden sky.

The light reflects from their eyes, illuminating all the youth and beauty beheld in one another as they share a loving gaze. It will soon be time for them to return home. But not yet. For now, they float weightless in this small paradise, celebrating in this moment, and sixteen years worth of moments just like it. The lovers hold hands beneath the water and dance until the sun sets.



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