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Elegant erotica

An ode to beauty

Beauty is felt, not seen

July 1 2017

“You’re so beautiful.”

Cara squirmed in Sonia’s embrace, shying away from her kisses. Sonia let her arms fall from Cara’s neck as she stepped away, allowing her the distance. “Talk to me.” Sonia sat on the bed’s edge and offered her hand. Cara grimaced, rubbing a hand through her short hair in frustration as she approached Sonia.

Sonia clasped Cara’s warm fingers and pulled her down until they lay beside each other. Sonia nuzzled into Cara’s chest, cuddling close.

“Why do compliments make you uncomfortable?” Sonia prompted softly, when the tense silence had stretched on.

Because they’re not true. “Because…” Cara hesitated, unable to think of what to say to redirect the conversation. She felt too visible. Too big and too small. Because surely you don’t mean it. Sonia frowned in concern, waiting for an answer. How could she explain? How could someone as beautiful as Sonia know what this ugliness felt like?

Sonia began to gently stroke Cara’s chest, running long fingers between her breasts. “Is this okay?” Cara nodded, relaxing as the simple affection soothed her nerves, dimmed the spotlight she felt shining down to expose each of her flaws.

“I do find you beautiful… you believe that, don’t you?”

Cara nodded, shook her head, shrugged.

“Well I do.” Sonia emphasised her words with hard kisses on Cara’s soft skin. Each part of her body that Sonia closed her mouth over felt wholly, blissfully perfect, and the rest of her marred in contrast.

Sonia kissed, licked, sucked Cara’s skin, leaving shining spots of clean perfection in her wake, until Cara felt as though she were adorned in polkadots.

“I love you,” Sonia moaned, as she striped Cara’s thighs with her tongue, painting invisible shapes that only Cara could feel, shining, bright, and beautiful.

Sonia ran her perfect tongue over the lips of Cara’s labia, parting them to nibble her clitoris.

Cara felt the shining beauty spread throughout her, tingling in her finger tips, buzzing in her ears, pinpoint constellations twinkling beneath her closed eyelids.

Cara was being consumed and remade within Sonia’s affection, her hands and tongue relentless as they brought Cara closer to orgasm.

Cara cried out as Sonia released her from the confines of mind, the trappings of her self perception. For that one precious moment, she existed as a formless roar of electricity and fire.

Sonia held Cara as she opened her eyes. “How do you feel?”

Cara smiled. “Beautiful.”


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