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Elegant erotica

The Attendant

Part One

July 1 2017

“What are you looking for?” the attendant said as he opened the saferoom door. The hinge screeched, belying the gleaming steel surface to reveal something of its true age.

“I’ll know it when I see it.” Jemma stepped through the door, her bare feet whispering across the cold, polished concrete of the cell within.

Flaccid scraps of leather and latex hung from small coat hooks fixed to every spare surface of the walls. They brushed against Jemma’s naked skin as she moved about the room, inspecting each outfit carefully.

She was aware of the attendant’s eyes following her; while his appraisal remained professional, she felt aroused nonetheless.

“This one,” Jemma said after she had completed her inspection.

“A fine choice indeed, Mistress.” The attendant careully removed the selected item from its hook. “Though might I suggest pairing it with these?” The attendant held up a pair of leather cuffs joined together by a delicate, shining chain.

Jemma smiled and nodded her approval.

The attendant carefully separated each garment of the outfit and lay them on the floor in preparation for fitting. Jemma stood in the centre of the room, and held out her arm as the attendant rolled a black latex glove up over her elbow. The snug, slippery material squeaked as the attendant adjusted the glove’s fingers.

Jemma’s arousal increased as the attendant massaged the material into proper placement. Once the right glove was fitted, the attendant picked up the black underbust corset.

He wound it around Jemma’s midrif, snapping the eyelets into place with deft, practiced fingers. He stood close enough that Jemma could feel the heat of his body through his dark, wool suit.

Jemma’s nipples hardened as the attendant moved behind her to cinch the lacing. The stiff leather bound Jemma tightly, making it harder for her to breathe.

She loved it.

Stay tuned for part two!


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