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Elegant erotica

The Attendant

Part Four

July 1 2017

Jemma moved to a nearby lounge and watched as Kay kissed Tristan with fierce familiarity. Sitting stiffly upright in her corset, Jemma spread her knees and moved her hand between her legs. Tristan’s cloth hadn’t been nearly suffice.

She rubbed her labia before sliding a finger over her clitoris. Through a haze of pleasure, Jemma watched as Kay maneuvered Tristan into a chair, sitting him to face Jemma, before sinking to his knees and taking Tristan’s erection in his mouth.

Tristan moaned and sank back into the chair, watching Jemma as she pleasured herself opposite him. There was a naked friendliness and boyish vulnerability in his face as his eyes roved Jemma’s body. Jemma could see Kay’s arm moving as he stroked his own erection.

Tristan watched Jemma, and Jemma watched Tristan. His attention was intoxicating; with her corset ensnaring each breath, she felt as though his eyes had a physical weight as they shifted over her nipples, then down her bodice to her labia. She had never felt so seen, so immediately witnessed, as Tristan returned his attention to Jemma’s face. She could see the subtle directional shifts of his pupils as he took in her parted lips, the flush in her cheeks, her half closed eyes.

Jemma climaxed a moment before Tristan. He maintained eye contact as her legs shuddered and spine flexed against the rigid bodice. Tristan moaned as Kay bobbed his head a few more times before rocking back on his haunches, the product of his own climax evident in his hand.

Jemma giggled as she slumped backwards, legs still spread wide. Tristan and Kay moved to sit either side of her. “That was something new,” Kay said as he reclined, resting his arm comfortably behind Jemma. Tristan placed a hand on Jemma’s upper thigh, fiddling with the garter clasp. “We hope you enjoyed our services today,” Tristan said, a playful parody of a transit service announcement. “Though you’ll have to come back and give this outfit some proper playtime. Mistress,” he added with a tease of her nipple.

Jemma laughed and swivelled to lay in Tristan’s lap, her feet stretched out over Kay’s knees. “What makes you think I’m leaving?”




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