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The Attendant

Part Three

July 1 2017

Abruptly, the attendant stepped back once more, appraising the outfit. He nodded with satisfaction moved past her to open the vault door. With a small bow, he ushered Jemma back out into the main room. The space was large yet cosy, with long velvet drapes hanging from the walls, and filled with elegant wood furniture.

Eleven people stood naked about the room, all relaxed and posed to entice.

“Please choose another attendant, Mistress.”

Jemma walked among them, a group of mixed sex and gender. Eventually, Jemma tapped the shoulder of a tall man with a long erection. He knelt at her feet and the others left the room through a set of doors opposite the vault door.

“This is Attendant Kay. You may refer to me as Attendant Tristan.” The attendant in the wool suit moved to kneel by Attendant Kay.

“How shall we begin?”

Jemma smiled. “Attendant Kay, please remove Attendant Tristan’s clothing.”

Attendant Tristan smiled at Attendant Kay and together they stood. Kay artfully removed each item of Tristan’s three-piece suit, laying them across the back of a nearby chair. Before long, Tristan stood naked and Kay looked down approvingly.

They turned to face Jemma, who smiled more warmly. “You’re lovers?” she asked.

Tristan looked a little sheepish, a sweet interruption of his professional demeanour. Kay grinned broadly. “Yes, Mistress.”

“I want you to make love. As if I weren’t here.” Jemma suspected her request was a departure from the average script, a suspicion confirmed by the bemused tilt of Tristan’s head. He continued to appraise her, but there was something more personal in that gaze. A barrier seemed to have dropped as he grinned and turned to embrace Kay.

Stay tuned for the fourth and final part!


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